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Davida Berger is the President and founder of DebTech International, L.L.C. a training and conference production company specializing in corporate onsite and public IT and information management and data and information governance education.  Davida has served on the executive boards of several DAMA (Data Management Association) chapters and DAMA International where she became familiar with the training needs of the data community.

Davida has served as the Vice President of Conference Services for DAMA International. She has directed and participated in the development of hundreds of educational programs, seminars and conferences for information management professionals and business professionals in the US, Europe and Australia.

Davida is the founder of the Meta-Data Professional Organization (MPO)  a non-profit, international professional association that provides education and assistance to meta-data practitioners.  In 2010, she founded The Data Governance Professionals Organization, a non-profit organization that provides assistance and networking opportunities for individuals working in data and information governance.

Due to her contribution in providing quality education for data and information technology professionals Davida was a recipient of the DAMA International Achievement Award.  Previous award winners include John Zachman, Bill Inmon, Dr. Peter Chen, Claudia Imhoff and Dr. E. F. Codd.

Davida is personally involved in DebTech’s curriculum development and has recently created an Advisory Board of academic and industry experts that review course offerings and make recommendations to ensure that the curriculum addresses the needs of today’s information management professional.

Course offerings include basic to advanced sessions in data and information management and data governance.

For quotes and further information on our onsite seminars please email info@debtechint.com or contact Davida directly at davida@debtechint.com.