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Onsite Seminar

A Comprehensive and Effective Approach to Developing Business Glossaries

Having a clear, consistent, and enterprise-wide accepted business glossary can have a huge effect to improve productivity, facilitate more effective communications, decrease costs of systems development and maintenance, increase data quality, and enhance systems integration.
Yet, so many organizations struggle to develop a commonly accepted vocabulary of business terms.

This seminar provides a comprehensive, proven, and effective approach to developing a shared, accepted, and useful business glossary within the enterprise and across enterprises.

The seminar will share a methodology, approaches, tools, techniques, and case studies of organizations that successfully developed a common business glossary.

In this informative, fun, and interactive seminar, you will learn:

  • The greatest challenges regarding developing a shared business glossary from decades of past experiences
  • How to identify and management critical data elements for the glossary 
  • How to jump-start development of a business glossary using "Universal" constructs, saving huge costs and time 
  • 13 important guidelines for developing definitions within the business glossary 
  • How to develop an effective process for developing the glossary using a template process 
  • How to capture data rules and other important information about each glossary item 
  • How to facilitate collaboration and resolve differences between semantics, definitions, and rules to provide consistency across the enterprise 
  • Tools available to assist with the development of business glossary 

Seminar Takeaways

  • Reusable domain models, definitions, and examples to jump-start your business glossary
  • Template process and how to customize this process of developing the glossary for your organization 
  • Set of guidelines in developing definitions that you can take and customize for your organization 
  • Techniques, exercises, and practice in mastering common scenarios that arise in the development of the business glossary 
  • And much more!

2 days

Course Format
Lecture, workshop and group discussion

Len Silverston

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