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Onsite Seminar

Data Governance and Healthcare

This seminar provides the fundamentals for establishing data governance in health care.

Who Should Attend
Data governance managers and anyone interested in developing a data governance program.


  • Business Directives and Data Governance – Establishing a Firm Link
    An overview of different business drivers within the healthcare industry and consideration of the connection between business objectives, the shared use of information, and the types of negative impacts that arise from the absence of governance.
  • Data Governance Fundamentals
    This includes a high level guide for managers and practitioners in aspects of data governance, including the general roles of data governance committee members and data stewards, “data characteristics,” defining data policies, data quality assessment, measurement, and monitoring, data incident tracking and management, metadata and data standards, and organizational data governance expectations.
  • Data Governance and Healthcare
    Critical aspects of data governance that are specifically related to the healthcare industry, focusing on:
    • Data quality management for claims
    • Data protection policies for HIPAA compliance
    • Effective master data management for provider, organization, and beneficiary data
    • Compliance for Quality, Physician Payments, and other regulatory reporting
    • Data preparation for operational reporting and program integrity
    • Cross-platform integration

  • Workshop: Data Governance Scenarios, Operating Model Concepts, and Data Policies
    Through an interactive discussion reviewing existing issues we will explore the best operating model for defining, proposing, approving, disseminating, and monitoring compliance with data standards and data policies.
  • Workshop: Prioritizing Data Governance Activities
    We will enumerate the data governance opportunities from day 1, identify high-level business value justifications, estimate the value of each, and assess the feasibility of deployment.
  • Operational Data Governance
    Discussion of  ways that data policies are put into practice, largely focusing on metadata, data standards, and data quality management.
  • Workshop: Assessing Your Organization’s Data Governance Capability
    Attendees will share information about their perceptions of the levels of maturity and capability of particular data governance and data quality-related tasks. Survey answers will be discussed and during this interactive session attendees will share their perceptions and experiences regarding existing activities for data governance, including approaches to defining data structures and semantics, enterprise data policies, data stewardship, identifying data issues, notifications, data validations, data cleansing, and other uses of data governance tools and methods.
  • Summary and Next Steps
    During this session we will review the results of our interactive sessions, put together a high level plan for moving forward, and evaluate any potential gaps or requirements for additional guidance

2 days

Course Format
Lecture, workshop and group discussion

David Loshin

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