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How to Build and Implement a Meta-Data Program

Meta-Data is created as a bi-product of business development and the use of information technologies to support that development.  Information technologies focus on two things … 1) the management of data, content and knowledge; what you know about your business and customers, and 2) the management of meta-data; what you know about that data, content and knowledge. Meta-data is a critical contributor to the success of all business-driven information technology projects. The “experts” have been saying this for years.

However, … Building a program to manage meta-data has always been a secondary consideration and in many cases, building a meta-data program does not attract commitment, resources and funding. That being the case, an inexpensive but well thought-out and effective meta-data program can still reduce business and IT costs and improve the productivity of the knowledge worker.  Meta-data resides in every business and IT tool from project management tools to data base management tools to object tools to web tools.  This class will focus on what companies can do with limited budget, time, people and commitment to manage and leverage the meta-data in their environment.

Students of this class will learn about how to build the components of a meta-data program, how to identify the “right” meta-data to manage, and how to immediately formulate a meta-data program and strategy that can reduce costs and improve productivity with minimal investment.

Students should have a background, knowledge and understanding of data and meta-data management terminology, principles and best practices.

Who Should Attend
Students should be in a position to define or implement a meta-data management program for their company. Students may include Business, Technology and Data Managers, Solution Architects, Data Architects, System Integrators and Consultants charged with the reduction of Information Technology costs and the quality management of information assets.

Course Outline

  • Framing and Selling a Meta-Data Management Program in a Corporate Context
  • Defining Meta-Data Program Business and Technical Goals and Objectives
  • Conducting Meta-Data “Self” Audits and Readiness Assessments
  • Defining ROI, Measurements and Metrics of Meta-Data Management Success
  • Leveraging and Enforcing Existing Data Management Policy
  • Independent/Group Exercise: Meta-Data Management Use Case
  • Identifying Potential Meta-Data Sources and Specific Meta-Data to Manage
  • Defining a Meta-Model to Meet Business and Technical Requirements
  • Defining Meta-Data Program Critical Success Factors
  • Contending with Organizational Tolerance for Change
  • Defining Meta-Data Roles and Responsibilities, Time Commitments and Tasks
  • Identifying and Assigning Appropriate Meta-Data Stewards, Criteria and Traits
  • Understanding Enterprise Vs. Distributed Vs. Tool-Based Meta-Data Repositories
  • Advantages & Disadvantages: Selecting the “Right” Approach for Your Company
  • Brief Overview of Meta-Data Products on the Market
  • Integrating Meta-Data Work Flow and Tasks With Existing Methodology
  • Recording Meta-Data and Developing Meta-Data Interfaces
  • Developing Meta-Data Change Management Procedures and Notification
  • Delivering Meta-Data to the Knowledge Worker
  • Understanding Meta-Data Management Beyond Structured Data
  • Identifying the “Best” Place to Start a Meta-Data Program
  • Developing Next Steps and an Action Plan to Build Meta-Data Program
  • How to Get Started and Market Meta-Data

2 days

Course Format
Lecture, group discussions and workshop exercises 

Bob Seiner

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