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Implementing Master Data Management

Master Data Management (MDM) is becoming an imperative for a majority of enterprises as their architectures evolve from silo-based to integration-based. Enterprise application integration, data warehousing, mergers and actuations, supply chain management, and regulatory reporting are all driving the integration paradigm at an accelerating speed. Yet, without adequate MDM all these initiatives are at risk. Attempts to share data and integrate applications will always be severely limited in enterprises that lack a master data strategy. Indeed, far from unleashing the promise of using data as a corporate resource, data sharing and integration without master data management (MDM) can make matters worse. Data quality problems can increase across the enterprise, and a general lack of understanding and trust can easily undermine the benefits from costly and ambitious projects. By contrast, successful MDM can promote data sharing and integration.

Having MDM as an enterprise-level function unleashes master data not only as a critical information asset, but also as a resource available to a variety of IT projects. These projects no longer have to find individual solutions for MDM. Data quality issues are reduced and a trustworthy source of master data is established.

This interactive seminar, taught by Malcolm Chisholm, a leading expert in master data management (MDM) and reference data management (RDM), will provide attendees with everything they need to know to successfully implement a MDM project

What attendees will learn:

  • What Master Data is, and how it differs from other classes of data
  • Learn how to plan for MDM, including different approaches for enterprises that wish to implement at different speeds.
  • Understand the essential design elements for the MDM components that need to be implemented in an enterprise information architecture
  • Understand what is required to gather and disseminate master data within the enterprise.
  • How to organize for MDM in a program-based approach
  • Usable data architecture and data design patterns to apply to MDM
  • How to map and monitor the physical data landscape, and how to implement information knowledge management for MDM
  • How to implement data governance for MDM
  • Practical ways of enhancing data stewardship and data content management to support data quality goals
  • Building a supportive metadata and reference data based infrastructure for MDM
  • An understanding of the categories of current vendor tools, what problems these address, and how they can be used in MDM projects.

Who Should Attend
Anyone involved in implementing or considering implementing master data management including data integrators, system integrators, data architects, systems architects, data analysts, system analysts, and project managers.

2 days

Course Format
Lecture, group discussion and exercises 

Malcolm Chisholm

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