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Onsite Seminar

Building the Enterprise Information Management Function

The Enterprise Information Management (EIM) function is the successor to the concept of Data Administration. To be successful, EIM will need to provide horizontal support across an enterprise for the management of all data assets. This is a challenge, especially since Data Administration was widely seen as being unable to deliver real value. EIM must understand the lessons learned from Data Administration and develop services and infrastructure that achieve its mission. The areas of information knowledge management, data architecture/design, and data governance will form the core competencies of EIM. Orientation to a sustainable ongoing program rather than project support will also characterize EIM. In addition, the breaking down of barriers, especially between the logical and physical levels, is vital if EIM is to succeed. This presentation will examine the competencies needed to build the EIM function, the infrastructure that must be developed, and the business processes that have to be created. The vision is that EIM will not only be an enabler, but also a value creator for the enterprise.

Upon completion of this course attendees will:

  • Understand what is EIM and how does it leverage lessons learned from Data Administration
  • Learn how to build the competency of Information Knowledge Management
  • Learn how to build the competency of Data Architecture and Design
  • Understand the role of infrastructure, especially metadata and repositories
  • Learn how to create the organization and build out business processes

1-2 days

Course Format
Lecture and group discussion

Malcolm Chisholm

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