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Advanced Data Warehousing

This course introduces experienced students to best industry practices for dealing with difficult data warehouse data structures, databases and processes.

This class is for experienced data warehouse architects and database designers who want to refine their data warehousing skills. The class will describe the most challenging data warehouse design problems the world of data warehousing has faced.

This class will also provide in depth knowledge of different architectures for building data warehouses, such as centralized, federated and functional. As well as imbedded data marts, dependent data marts and independent data marts.

When first modeling for the data warehouse, even the most experienced of applications data modelers and database designers can falter over these challenges. The reason is that the data warehouse requires different roles and uses of data, a different use of normalization, and new modeling constructs. Key special requirements of the data warehouse focus on time, location, and dimensional aspects of data. These requirements are among the reasons that analytical data modeling demands different skills, perspectives and techniques.


  • Understand how to determine the best architecture
  • Learn proven analytical modeling concepts
  • Understand the appropriate use of surrogate keys
  • Understand how to determine what is a dimension, dividing and combining dimensions, leveled dimensions, abstract dimensions, ragged dimensions
  • Understand how to handle changing dimensions, snapshot data, complex dimensions, multi-valued dimensions
  • Understand how and when to use aggregates
  • Understand how to handle multiple units of measurement, such as currency reporting, and multi-time-zone reporting, etc.
  • Understand how to handle restatement
  • Understand how to handle snowflake structures


  • Our "Introduction To Data Warehousing" or equivalent knowledge
  • An understanding of data modeling, especially entity-relationship modeling

Who Should Attend:

  • Developers and administrators involved in data warehousing
  • Business and technical data warehouse team members

3 days

Course Format
Lecture, group discussion, case study and exercises

Tom Haughey

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