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Onsite Seminar

Dimensional Modeling

This seminar will focus on the application of the data management principles required to model analytical data, such as in a data warehouse. It provides concrete guidelines, rules and examples for modeling this data. This is a shorter version of the 3 day class on data modeling for the data warehouse.

Upon completion of this course attendees will learn:

  • How and when to apply dimensional considerations to a data warehouse
  • How to effectively accomplish an optimized design of data, while ensuring the   quality and integrity of the data warehouse data

Our “Introduction To Data Warehousing” or equivalent
An understanding of data modeling, especially entity-relationship modeling

Course Outline 

  • The overall data warehouse architecture
    • The Gather-Store-Deliver model
    • Kinds of data across this architecture
    • Kinds of reporting across this architecture
  • General methodology for building a data warehouse
  • Review of dimensional modeling concepts
    • Definition of fact tables and dimensions
    • Is there such a thing as "dimensional modeling"?
    • The star and snowflake database schema
    • The pros and cons of each schema
  • Building the central data warehouse model
    • Comparison of operational and informational data
    • Data transformations from operational to analytical data
  • How to handle aggregates and summary data
    • The pros and cons of aggregates
    • Aggregates and restatement
  • How to model time and history
    • Types of changing data
    • Full and partial history
  • Conformed dimensions
    • When are conformed dimensions necessary
    • Qualities of conformed dimensions
    • How to avoid the need for conformed dimensions
  • Designing data marts
    • Types of data marts
    • Kinds of data by data mart
  • Optimizing Data Warehouse Design
    • Critical factors in data design
    • Data design compromises

 1-2 days

Course Format
Lecture, group discussion and exercises

Tom Haughey

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