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Onsite Seminar

Designing the Data Warehouse

The goal of the data warehouse is to improve business analysis and decision making. It does so by improving data integration, access and availability. This workshop will focus on the specialized techniques, guidelines and rules used to model data warehouse data.

Warehouse data is different from production data. It is viewed differently, used different, and accessed differently. It needs to be modeled and optimized differently.

This workshop will stress that this is not just an intuitive process based solely on the spontaneous judgment of a skilled analyst. It can be based on sound rules and guidelines just as production data models are.

Three fundamental concepts are emphasized throughout the workshop:

  • Finding the right level of atomic data in the warehouse,
  • That the data warehouse is not a database but an integrated environment consisting of different levels of data,
  • Optimizing the data warehouse design through dimensional modeling. 

Attendees will learn:

  • Specialized techniques used to model data warehouse data
  • The process of transforming an operation data model to a central data warehouse
  • How to design a dimensional data warehouse
  • How to ensure a quality data warehouse design
  • Handing dervived data during analysis and design
  • Understand how to model time and history
  • Understand data warehouse technology and tools
  • Understand important considerations and issues in data warehouse design
  • How to manage data warehouse projects 

Who Should Attend
Developers and administrators involved in data warehousing, Business and technical data warehouse team members

3 days  

Course Format
Lecture, group discussion and exercises 

Tom Haughey

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