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Onsite Seminar

Data Modeling for MDM

This one-day seminar provides a systematic approach to the special data modeling challenges in Master Data Management (MDM). 

Course Outline

  • What master data is and its special management needs
  • Higher-level and lower-level data models for MDM
  • How to deal with history in master data
  • Designing for embedded and discrete metadata to support MDM
  • The effects of architecture on data models for MDM
  • The challenge of hidden subtypes in MDM data models'
  • Designing models for master data production versus distribution
  • SOA and canonical data models for MDM
  • Levels of abstraction in master data
  • Incorporating data standards
  • Designing for identity cross-referencing
  • Modeling for the integration of master data
  • Change control among data models for MDM
  • Incorporating data governance requirements
  • Data models and information knowledge management
  • Incorporating vendor supplied master data content

1 day

Course Format
Lecture, exercises and group discussions

Malcolm Chisholm

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