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Onsite Seminar

Data Modeling and Data Management in a SOA Environment

This one day interactive seminar will address the critical issues data and information management professionals encounter in a SOA environment.

What attendees will learn:

  • How and why data modeling is different in a SOA environment?
  • Does the level of granularity of the data have to be adjusted for SOA?
  • Are there issues with data that is too highly abstracted? 
  • What is a canonical model and why is one needed?
  • How important are standards?
  • Can data itself be considered a "service" under SOA?
  • What do you do about existing databases?
  • How does SOA alter data warehousing? 
  • How do you convert from an ER model to XML?
  • What role does process modeling play in SOA? What is an event-driven architecture and is it relevant to SOA?
  • What are services exactly and how granular should services be?
  • How does Master Data Management fit within SOA?
  • How can organizations benefit from integrating the data warehouse within the SOA environment?
  • Can SOA simplify delivery of business intelligence?
  • What governance is necessary with SOA?

Course Outline

  • Introduction
          SOA defined
          Why SOA
          The SOA architecture
          Components of SOA, one by one
          The role of Web Services
          The Enterprise Service Bus
  • The SOA Layers
          Business event
          Data services
          Data abstraction
          An example of the layers
  • Data Management
          Components of data management
          Business flow in SOA
          Review of the SOA layer for data services
  • Types of models
  • Data modeling
          The ER model
          Importance of ER modeling for SOA
          The hierarchical model
          The canonical data model
          The canonical information model
          The role of data and ER modeling
          SOA and generalizing data in the data model
          Loose coupling and managing state changes
  • XML
          Converting ER models to XML
          1 : M
          M : M
          Using data modeling tools for converting
  • Transformation
          The metamodel
          Data mapping
  • Event modeling
          Review of the SOA layer for business events
          What are events?
          Types of events
          How to use events
  • Process modeling
          Review of the SOA layer for business processes
          Review of the SOA layer for services
          Useful Business Process Modeling Notation
          Process granularity
          Elementary processes
          Reusable processes
          Process models
          Swim lane diagrams
  • Other significant SOA related issues
          The ODS
          The Data Warehouse
          Reference data
          Master data management
  • Implementation of SOA

1 day

Course Format
Lecture and group discussions

Tom Haughey

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