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Onsite Seminar

Data Modeling Concepts

This class combines lecture, illustration, and business case study evaluation – empowering non-modelers to thoroughly understand all elements of a data model and its accompanying documentation.  This course is presented in an interactive seminar format, and includes a Group Facilitated Session. 

This approach enhances teamwork and reduces the risk of miscommunication between business users, analysts, modelers and managers –  ensuring quality work and accurate reviews.  All classes are customizable. 


  • Learn logical modeling basics
  • Learn best practices, naming and datatype standards
  • Learn to read, interpret and review data models created in ERwin™  
  • Participate in the modeling process with confidence and understanding
  • Apply this knowledge to evaluate the quality of models being developed within your area of responsibility

No prior data modeling experience required

Who Should Attend
Business Users, Analysts, Managers and any non-modelers who need to understand data models

1 day

Course Format
Lecture, and group discussion

Marcie Barkin Goodwin

To request a quote for this in-house seminar
Please call (561) 218-4752 or email info@debtechint.com

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