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Power, Control and Politics in Data Governance and Management: Principles, Strategies and Techniques Critical to Success

Why do some data management efforts succeed and some fail? A key to any data management effort such as a data governance, master data management or data warehousing effort is understanding the personal, cultural, and political environment and consciously employing proven principles to enable success.  The most successful data management efforts usually share one thing in common: they developed and implemented an effective environment by following important principles, strategies, and techniques in human dynamics that are needed for integration. Many data management programs spend a majority of time and money involved in politics, power, control and conflict management. Why not learn from the past regarding effective means to handle common situations that almost always occur?

This seminar will share these principles, strategies and techniques to help understand the underlying human dynamics and empower participants in meeting objectives and moving toward effective data management.  It will provide case histories of successful and unsuccessful efforts, illustrating why some data management programs succeed and others fail.

Based upon his involvement in dozens of data management programs over 25 years, the instructor will share principles and actions that can either help or hinder data management efforts. The instructor will also share various insights, showing pitfalls of where data management efforts can and have gone off course.  There will be interactive exercises where participants can practice handling difficult issues that commonly arise by applying principles leading to effective data management.

Participants of this session will gain:

  • An understanding of political and cultural factors for which successful data management teams need to be aware and prepared
  • 8 key principles critical to success
  • Tools and techniques to enable data management such as keys in developing trust, gaining funding, delivering value, facilitating common vision, managing conflict, and gaining buy in.
  • Case examples of how culture and politics either killed or fostered effective data management programs.
  • Exercises allowing participants to practice overcoming challenges that data management professionals often face.
  • Education and experience in preparing for cultural and political challenges as well as applying powerful techniques for developing more effective environments, in this non threatening, classroom setting.

This seminar is critical to data management professionals.  Cultural and political factors are often overlooked and they have been proven to be a key to success in data management. Participants will have the opportunity to learn through interactive exercises applying the principles and techniques that are taught towards common issues that data integration professionals face.

Who Should Attend

Executives, CIOs, managers, data architects, data warehouse designers, enterprise architects, data modelers, and any professional focused on integrating and sharing data and information across an enterprise.

Course Outline

This workshop will address political, personal, and cultural challenges, tools and techniques throughout the lifecycle of a typical data management effort. Data management efforts include enterprise data administration, data integration, master data management, data warehousing efforts, or any other enterprise data integration effort. There will be a case study of a data management effort and effective strategies and tactics for these key phases: 

  • The business case and gaining funding and support
  • Setting up the program
  • Establishing infrastructure
  • Successful delivery

Within each of these phases, the course will provide principles, tools, and techniques such as:

  • Developing a clear, and compelling, commonly understood vision and plan
  • Moving the vision and plan forward
  • Developing trust for enterprise integration
  • How to move incrementally towards progress
  • Techniques to re-use versus re-invent
  • How to understand and relate to your audience
  • Balancing long term and short term objectives
  • Conflict management regarding issues like project versus enterprise wide focus

Day 1

Gaining funding – how to create a clear, compelling and common understanding for the vision of the data management effort. This section of the workshop will discuss the following:

  • Creating an integrated vision
  • Developing mission, vision, values, goals, benefits and plan
  • Messaging – how to effectively market the program
  • Power diagram to understand motivations and power dynamics
  • Communicating the business case

Program set up – After receiving funding, the next phase that we will address involves setting up an effective data management program. The key steps in this phase include starting to implement the strategy, developing a detailed plan and creating the organization and team. In this section, we will discuss:
Establishing an environment of trust

  • Team dynamics
  • Goal setting
  • Moving incrementally towards progress

Day 2

Establishing infrastructure – We will then address how to set up key elements of any data management, data governance, data warehousing and/or master data effort including:

  • Establishing an effective data governance and data stewardship program
  • Communicating data architecture and diagrams and explanations of software, hardware and network components 
  • Effective enterprise data modeling and analysis
  • Managing the data management program

Delivery of solutions – An extremely important aspect is to discuss how to tactically deliver value and in this section we will address

  • Integrating enterprise wide data management within projects
  • Gaining buy-in by delivering
  • Managing issue of “quick fix” project solutions versus enterprise integration solutions
  • Conflict management regarding which is the “right” solution
  • How to deliver quickly and with quality while investing in the future
  • Balancing short terms needs with long term perspectives
  • How to handle incentives for delivering point solutions versus enterprise wide solutions

This seminar provides participants  the opportunity to more deeply learn these principles, techniques and tools by practicing them through exercises representing very common scenarios faced by data management professionals.

2 days

Course Format
Lecture, group discussion and exercises

Len Silverston

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