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Integrating Data Governance and Data Modeling into Your SDLC

How do I integrate Data Governance activities into an SDLC? Why do certain types of projects stall (or worse, fail!) when we get to the “model the data” step, and how can that be avoided? What personal skills can I practice so I’m better equipped to deal with the conflict, power-plays, and politics surrounding some kinds of governance and architecture decisions?

A Data Governance pioneer and the best-selling author of The Data Model Resource Book series collaborate to provide answers to these questions in a business-meets-fun environment. Participants learn left-brain, just-the-facts business practices, and also get to practice right-brain exercises designed to get to the human dynamics at the root of many data-related conflicts.

Participants leave with a methodology for aligning SDLCs, Data Governance activities, and pre-modeling steps designed to manage enterprise risk. They also leave with a framework for dealing with the human side of negotiating these steps.

Upon completion of this course attendees will:

  • Understand key Data Governance steps and a methodology for fitting them into   an SDLC
  • Understand Data Modeling risk factors and how to work with your Project Management Office to manage those risks
  • Understand core principles and dynamics dealing with gaining funding, keeping momentum, showing value, understanding what is happening politically, and effectively collaborating
  • Have completed exercises to deal with people-based conflict

1 day

Course Format
Lecture and group discussion

Len Silverston and Gwen Thomas

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