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Onsite Seminar

Business and Systems Analysis

This is a pragmatic workshop using a simple and well-known case study. The purpose of business analysis is to define the business needs, independent of implementation technology and organizational structure. Attendees will learn how to select a suitable project and project scope, how to complete a business analysis rapidly, and how business needs are represented in stable data and process models.

Organized in life cycle order, the workshop covers the principles, methods and techniques of Business Analysis.  The methods taught in this course have been used for years with proven success in dozens of organizations -- in private industry and government.

Attendees will learn state of the art techniques for data model abstraction and process model creation. But, most importantly, attendees will learn how to run a successful business analysis project.

Upon completion of this course attendees will:

  • Understand a balanced view of business analysis
  • Understand how to build data models that have stability and integrity
  • Understand how to handle business rules in models
  • Understand how to normalize data models
  • Learn how to construct, level and balance process models
  • Learn how to balance process models
  • Learn how to integrate and refine data and process models
  • Understand how to manage an analysis project
  • Understand how to control scope, schedule and cost
  • Understand the transition and deliverables in design

Who Should Attend
Systems Managers, Data Administrators, Business Managers, Systems Analysts and Developers, Project Managers and Team Members Database Administrators 

4 days

Course Format
Lecture, group discussion, exercises

Tom Haughey

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