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How to Build and Implement a Data Stewardship Program

Data Stewardship programs are implemented to reduce information technology costs and improve the value companies gain from their data assets. Stewardship programs focus on improving data quality, reducing data duplication, formalizing accountability for data, and improving business and IT productivity.  An effective Data Stewardship program will rapidly improve the ROI from data warehousing and business intelligence efforts, application integration efforts, ERP, CRM, content and knowledge management, and EAI efforts.  Students of this class will learn about the components of an effective Data Stewardship program and how to immediately formulate a strategy that can deliver results with minimal investment.

What attendees will learn:

  • Framing and selling a Data Stewardship program in a corporate context
  • Stewardship program business and technical goals and objectives
  • ROI, Measurements and Metrics of Stewardship SuccessHow to leverage and enforce existing information policy
  • Stewardship program critical success factors
  • Managing organizational tolerance for change
  • Defining Steward roles, responsibilities, and accountabilities
  • Developing Steward Work Flow and Tasks
  • Developing conflict resolution paths
  • Understanding the relationship between stewardship and business rule management
  • Recording and managing stewardship Meta-data
  • Developing steward change management procedures and notification
  • Understanding Data Stewardship Beyond Structured Data
  • Identifying the “Best” place to start a stewardship program

Who Should Attend
Students should be in a position to define a data stewardship program and policy for their company. Students may include CIOs, IT Directors, Business and Data Managers, Solution Architects, Data Architects, and Consultants that are charged with reduction of Information Technology costs and IT / Data Quality Improvement.

Students should have a background, knowledge and understanding of data and information management terminology, principles and best practices.

2 days

Course Format
Lecture and workshop exercises

Bob Seiner

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