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Onsite Seminar

Establishing Formal Data Stewardship

Data Stewards answer three questions about data:

  1. Does it comply with rules?
  2. If not, is that acceptable?
  3. If not, what processes do we invoke to correct the data and to address root causes?

With ever-increasing compliance requirements and security threats, these questions become more important. Most companies now face enough data-related risk that they can't afford to take a casual approach to Data Stewardship. This seminar shows you how to highlight the importance of a formal Data Stewardship, using language and drivers your executive team can relate to. We show how to choose the Stewardship structure that's best for your organization and how to align efforts with Governance, Data Quality, Metadata, eSecurity, and other programs. Participants will learn typical roles and responsibilities of Stewards, proactive and reactive workflows, and will walk through a structured, auditable, and compliant issue resolution process.


On workshop completion, participants will be able to:

  • Articulate the value of a Data Stewardship program and the business problems it helps solve
  • Articulate how Data Stewardship addresses Data Quality and Compliance risks
  • Describe how Data Stewardship and Data Governance interplay
  • Use the language of Risk Management and Compliance to sell the program
  • Understand advantages of hierarchical and flat Stewardship structures
  • Describe typical Stewardship roles and responsibilities
  • Describe proactive and reactive Stewardship workflows
  • Walk through a structured issue resolution process
  • Describe how Data Stewards work with Data Quality and Metadata staff to establish data rules, data definitions and quality metrics for data
  • Describe Stewardship metadata and its relationship to the company's control environment and compliance processes
  • List system and organizational triggers for Governance, Stewardship, and Change Management

1 day or 2 days when combined with data governance class

Course Format
Lecture and group discussion

Gwen Thomas

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