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Onsite Seminar

Establishing Formal Data Governance

If management refers to the decisions organizations make, then governance is the way those decisions are made. This workshop looks at the Universal Data Governance Framework™ - an easy-to-learn, easy-to-explain way of organizing your efforts that establishes accountability, removes ambiguity, and reduces organizational friction. Focusing on the human aspect of Data Governance, the workshop demonstrates how to set the rules of engagement that will define how your management and staff should work together to set and align data-related rules, to resolve issues, and to provide boundary-spanning services not addressed by management teams.

Participants will learn about options for structuring a Data Governance program and which models work best in various types of organizations. They'll learn three approaches to technical aspect of governance, and how each one supports the company's compliance strategies. We'll discuss strategies for identifying stakeholders and involving them in rule-making and collecting/aligning policies, standards, and requirements. Finally, we'll . walk through a structured, politically-neutral, and auditable process for issue resolution. Participants will leave with process flows, templates for stakeholder communications, and checklists for setting up their own Data Governance programs.

On workshop completion, participants will be able to:

  • Articulate the value of a Data Governance program, the business problems it    helps solve, and the Data Quality and Compliance risks it helps manage.
  • Describe the relationship between Data Governance, Data Stewardship, Data Quality, Compliance, and eSecurity.
  • Choose from among various Governance model.
  • Describe typical Data Governance and Stewardship roles and responsibilities
  • Describe proactive and reactive Data Governance workflows and resources.
  • Describe boundary-spanning governance support services (Communication, Access to Information, Recordkeeping, and Education/Support).
  • Describe a transparent, auditable issue resolution process.
  • List system and organizational triggers for Governance, Stewardship, and Change Management

1 day or 2 days when combined with data stewardship class

Course Format
Lecture and group discussion

Gwen Thomas

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