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Gathering and Managing Business Rules

Business rules are increasingly being recognized as atomic pieces of logic that specify the way in which an enterprise operates and is managed.  However, many enterprises have never defined business rules at an atomic level, and have no governance of them.  This can be dangerous and it can introduce inconsistencies.  For example, different divisions of an organization may calculate General Revenue in different ways, making it impossible to roll up financial information. 

Gathering and documenting business rules is required before they can be managed.  This can be surprisingly difficult with different stakeholders disagreeing about how do define a given rule.  Existing systems may be of little use for reverse engineering rules, and source code often provides little business context.  This seminar describes the strategies that are available for gathering rules, and how to ensure their components are well formed.   

Documenting and storing business rules requires repository functionality.  Indeed, business rules are themselves metadata, and they require metadata that defines entities, attributes, and relationships.  The components of a repository that will enable the storing of business rules is described.

Finally, the management of business rules is reviewed, with special emphasis on governance.  Without governance, rules are likely to be inconsistent, or inconsistently applied across an enterprise.  Management of business rules also has other components such as making them accessible and managing change when it occurs.

This class if based on a case study and includes a number of workshops and exercises.


Attendees will learn:

  • How to gather and document business rules
  • Strategies and methodologies for storing business rules
  • Management of business rule

2 days

Course Format
Lecture, group discussion and exercises

Malcolm Chisholm

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