Call for Presentations
Deadline April 5, 2019

To submit a proposal please CLICK HERE

Important Dates

Proposal Submission Deadline - April 5, 2019

Approval Decision - May 10, 2019

Presentation Files Submission Deadline - Nov. 1, 2019

The conference committee is interested in proposals that focus on case studies, lessons learned, success stories, and the "how-tos" related to all aspects of data governance.

We are especially interested in submissions where the proposal has not been presented at other events.

Suggested topics include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Case studies and success stories
  • Best practices and lessons learned
  • Business oriented presentations
  • Selling data governance
  • Getting started with data governance and developing a data governance strategy
  • Risk management and information security
  • Tips for privacy and compliance for GDPR and CCPA
  • Data policies and standards implementation
  • Post implementation issues. Pitfalls to avoid
  • Data governance in an agile environment
  • Data governance and Master Data Management
  • Data stewardship
  • Governing data in the cloud
  • Governing the data lake
  • Metrics and assessing the effectiveness of your data governance program
  • Tips for restarting failing or struggling data governance programs
  • Data governance and AI and Machine Learning
  • Data governance and analytics
  • Reference data governance
  • Business glossaries, data catalogs and metadata governance
  • Data governance roles and career paths
  • Emerging trends in data governance
  • Making data governance operational in financial services
  • Effective methods for compliance, handling regulatory reporting and oversight
  • Governance, security and standards for blockchain, smart contracts and ledger technology
  • Governance and Fintech
  • Ontologies such as Financial Industry Business Ontology (FIBO)

Tips to Increase Your Chances of Being Accepted

  1. Submit a detailed case study based on your personal experience.
  2. Write a clear and concise proposal outlining what you will cover and what attendees will learn
  3. Solutions regarding resolving data governance issues not a overview of common problems.

Presentations may be proposed in the following categories:

Conference Sessions and Facilitated Discussions (45 minutes)
Tutorials and workshops (half day)

Speaker Information and Policies

When your proposal has been approved, all speakers must agree to provide their final presentation in PowerPoint no later than Nov. 1, 2019. This is necessary to prepare the conference materials. Speakers who do not meet this deadline risk being replaced on the agenda.

Copyright Release
By accepting this invitation, the speaker agrees to the standard copyright and reproduction terms of this event. These terms are:

  • Copyright in original presentation material remains with the speaker.
  • DebTech International is granted the right to record, reproduce, and distribute each presentation in all forms of printed and electronic conference materials, including, but not limited to, the non-attendee conference proceedings, conference-related websites, and audio and/or video recordings (digital and/or analog), without royalties or fees payable to speaker.

No Sales Pitches
All sessions will be rated by the audience for commercial content. Any speaker who is judged by the audience to have made an inappropriate sales pitch for his/her own company, book, product, or service (except during sponsored presentations) or whose presentation is otherwise deemed objectionable during a conference session risks having their presentation interrupted.

Legal and Financial Approval
By accepting this invitation, the speaker agrees that he/she has the legal and financial permission from his/her company or others to make the presentation under the terms outlined herein and that the presentation shall not infringe the rights of any third party. 

Registration Fees

  • For Tutorial, Workshop, Keynote and, Conference Session presentations, one speaker for each proposed and selected presentation is granted a free pass to the tutorials, workshops and conference.
  • One additional co-speaker who was originally nominated in the speaking proposal must register and pay for their conference attendance at a discounted rate of $495. Such registration must be completed at least one month prior to the start of the conference.
  • Additional speakers who were not originally nominated in the speaking proposal must register and pay for their conference attendance at the regular registration rates prevailing at the time of their registration.
  • Speakers other than tutorial, workshop or keynote speakers do not receive honorariums or travel and expense reimbursement

Half Day Tutorials and Workshops
There is an honorarium of $500 plus an additional bonus of $250 if the speaker provides their final presentation by the Nov. 1, 2019 deadline.

If there is a co-presenter the honorarium is shared between the speakers.

Workshop and Tutorial Speakers will be reimbursed for travel and living expenses only within the guidelines below; other speakers are responsible for their own travel & living expenses. Prior to any expense agreement between the speaker and DebTech International a budgeted expense allowance will be established and agreed between the parties.

This budgeted amount will be based on the following:

  • The cost of air travel for one Speaker will be reimbursed up to an amount that is no more than the advanced purchase economy round-trip air fare from Speaker's residence to the city where the conference is held.
  • If the speaker drives to the engagement, personal car mileage will be reimbursed at $0.58/mile.
  • A fixed reimbursement expense is payable to speakers who travel away from their home city to participate in the conference. This reimbursement covers meals, phone calls, entertainment, tips and other miscellaneous charges.

The fixed reimbursement expense is as follows:

$ 60.00 for speakers presenting one keynote or tutorial or workshop

$ 100.00 for speakers presenting two keynote or tutorial or workshop days

IMPORTANT NOTE: Keynote, workshop or tutorial speakers are not eligible for hotel accommodation or per diem reimbursement for additional sessions beyond the day of their keynote or tutorial.

  • The cost of transportation to and from airports will be reimbursed at cost for taxis, uber and shuttles, and at $0.58/mile for personal car mileage. The cost for an economy car rental will be reimbursed only if it is less than a taxi or shuttle from and to the airport.
  • A maximum number of two hotel nights, reimbursed at the normal Conference room block rate. The speaker must stay at the conference hotel to qualify for reimbursement.
  • The Speaker is responsible for his/her own reservations and bill, which will be reimbursed after the conference. Personal incidental charges such as movies, laundry, meals, internet, telephone calls, etc. are the responsibility of the speaker.
  • If Speaker wishes to stay at an alternate hotel, the Event WILL NOT reimburse the Speaker.

Additional Speaker Expense Terms

  • All expenses in excess of $50.00 submitted for reimbursement must be accompanied by receipts
  • All other expenses, including, but not limited to, the shipping/receiving of documents and/or equipment to the Event for Speaker's presentation (including computers, projectors, slides, etc.) will be borne by Speaker.
  • To receive reimbursement, Speaker must include his/her Tax ID number or Social Security number with receipts and request for reimbursement. Expenses reimbursed by the Event will be included with 1099 form as non-employee compensation.

To submit a proposal please CLICK HERE.