A Complete Guide To Data Stewardship Agenda

Two-Day Seminar
Thursday, December 5 and Friday, December 6

Seminar Hours
Thursday, December 5
8:30AM - 4:30PM

Friday, December 6
8:30AM - 4:00PM

Course Outline:

1. Introduction

  • Current Data Challenges: User, System, Executive, Interpretation and Managing issues
  • Getting to an Ideal State: Proper Data Warehousing, Master Data Management, Identity Resolution, Data Quality Improvement, New System Implementation

2. Data Governance – Execution of Authority over Data Management

  • Understanding Data Governance: Definitions and Overview
  • How to Ensure the Enterprise’s Data Assets are Formally Managed
  • Practical Data Governance: Metadata, Data Quality, Policies and Procedures
  • Where Stewardship fits into the overall Data Governance program

3. Data Stewardship – Operational Aspect of Data Governance

  • Three Main Types of Stewards: Business, Technical and Project Data Stewards
  • Roles of Data Stewards – what they help Determine, Decide, Enforce and Ensure
  • The importance of Data Stewardship
  • What Happens Without Data Stewardship?

4. Setting up Your Data Stewardship Organization

  • Championing Stewardship – Well Executed Data Stewardship Programs
  • Keys to Successful Implementation:
    • Fitting Stewardship into the Data Governance Organization
    • Organizing the Stewardship & Creating a Council
    • Assigning Responsibilities & Relationships
    • Raising Awareness & Communication
    • Training Data Stewards

5. Enterprise Resources – Figuring Out What You’ve Got and Where To Put It

  • Governing Data: The Information Chain, Source Data Capturing, ETL, Reporting
  • Metadata: Definition, Derivations, Tracking ETL, Supporting Capture and Validation
  • Data Quality – Quality Issues, Documentation, Trouble Tickets, Project Development
  • Tools: Metadata Capture Tools, Data Quality Tools, Stewardship and Governance Tools
  • Business Glossary: Context, Hierarchy, Terms, Workflow, Statistics

6. Adjusting Methodology – Data Governance Process Integration

  • Adding Governance To Project Methodology – We are here to help!
  • Adjusting Project Methodology:
    • Working with Project Managers & Project Data Stewards
    • Project and Solution Evaluations
    • Metadata and Data Quality – Resources, Definitions/Derivations, Validate Rules, Metrics
    • Documentation and QA Test Cases

7. Working With Stewards – Day-To-Day Practical Aspects

  • Steward Assignment, Duties and Relationships:
    • Chief Data Steward – Strategic Leadership
    • Enterprise Data Steward – Leading Data Stewards, Program Management, Measurement
    • Business Data Stewards– Business Alignment & Management
    • Data Domain Stewards: Alignment & Data Management
    • Project Data Stewards: Metadata and Data Quality
    • Business, Data Owners and IT Stewardship
  • Decision Documentation Process & Creating Communication Plan
  • Work Flow: Logistics, Working Groups and Stewardship Council
  • Infrastructure Needs & Staffing Requirements

8. Practical Stewardship – Maintaining What We Have Accomplished

  • Definitions & Derivations – Rationalization, Assignment, Creation and Approval Process
  • Data Quality - Support, Rules, Enforcement, Results
  • Reference Data Setup & Repeatable Processes
  • Information Security: Classify Data, Document Classifications, User Access, Build Structures

9. Data Stewardship Metrics

  • Business Results Metrics – Business Value Measurements
  • Operational Metrics – Operational Considerations for Effective Stewardship
  • Work Progress Reporting
  • Critical Success Factors

10. Measuring Maturity and Summary

  • Stewardship Maturity - Measuring your Progress
  • The Data Governance Maturity Model
  • Maturity Levels: Initial, Repeatable, Defined, Managed and Optimized
  • Improvement Challenges and Opportunities
  • Data Governance Best Practices

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