Practical Tools for the Human Side of DG and DQ

Two-Day Seminar
Thursday, December 10 and Friday, December 11

Seminar Hours
Thursday, December 10: 8:30AM - 4:30PM
Friday, December 11: 8:30AM - 4:00PM

Course Outline:

Day 1


Data governance overview

  • Overview of data governance and a 7 step approach including major areas of data governance
  • The real keys to Data Governance: The human and behavioral aspects
  • Hands-on and interactive exercise illustrating the real keys

Setting up the program and developing a clear, common and compelling vision

  • Setting up a data governance and data quality program
  • The real key - establishing a clear, compelling, and common vision
    • Creating a Darwinian program – How to create a clear, compelling and common vision
    • Examples
    • Exercise


Establishing Roles and Understanding Motivations

  • DG and DQ organizational structure, roles, and responsibilities
  • The human factor keys - Sponsorship and motivational modeling
    • The sponsorship and motivational model
    • Various frameworks, tools and techniques for motivating
    • Exercise

Listening to the Real Needs for Data Governance in Your Organization and Effective Communications

  • Gathering requirements for DG and DQ - Objectives, data, rules, processes, metrics, and priorities
  • The real key - Effective ways to communicate
    • Communications frameworks and ways to communicate
    • Keys in effective communications
    • Exercise

Day 2


Managing Data Governance Issues and developing an environment of trust

  • Approaches and tools in identifying and managing issues
  • The real key – how to develop the environment of trust so issues can be shared and openly communicated
    • Core elements of trust
    • Trust frameworks
    • Exercise

Defining Data and Rules, and Conflict Management

  • Overview of how to establish domains/subdomains and defining data and rules
  • The real key - effectively managing conflict
    • A conflict management framework
    • Various approaches and tools to conflict management
    • Exercise


Metrics, Measurements and Commitment

  • Overview on developing and tracking metrics and measurements
  • The real key - Gaining involvement and commitment
    • How to get involvement
    • How to get commitment
    • Exercise

Defining data governance and data quality solutions and leadership

  • Overview on developing recommendations/solutions, policies, processes, changes to data
  • The real key - Leadership
    • Qualities of leadership
    • Taking Risks and initiative
    • Exercise

Wrap up

  • Summary
  • How to apply the materials learned in this class to your organization

Who Should Attend

Data stewards, data governance program office professions, data analysts, and any other data governance and data quality professionals involved in the data governance efforts.

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