A Comprehensive and Effective Approach
to Developing Business Glossaries Agenda

Two-Day Seminar
Thursday, June 6 and Friday, June 7

Seminar Hours
Thursday, June 6: 8:30AM - 4:30PM
Friday, June 7: 8:30AM - 4:00PM

Course Outline
Day 1

Thursday, June 6, Morning

Business Glossary Overview
  • The what, why and how of creating a shared business glossary
  • The challenge – why is this so difficult and what do you need to know to be successful
  • Hands-on and interactive exercise illustrating challenges and how to overcome them

Learning from Experience - Case Studies

  • Greatest challenges regarding developing a Universal business glossary from past experience
  • Various case studies - what has worked, what has not worked and why

Jump-starting the business glossary effort - Overview

  • How to jump-start and create efficiency in development of a business glossary, saving huge costs and time
  • Understanding needs
  • Re-using a proven data glossary development process
  • Re-using common universal data semantics 
  • Facilitating collaboration and resolving differences between semantics, definitions, and rules to provide consistency across the enterprise

The science of linguistics as applicable to business glossary to understand how we can develop shared vocabulary and communicate using the glossary

  • Understanding linguistics in order to effectively develop the glossary
  • Brief analysis of language form, language meaning, and language in context as applied to business glossary
Day 1
Thursday, June 6, Afternoon

Listening to the real needs for the business glossary in your organization

  • Gathering requirements for the business glossary
    • Approaches for gathering requirements
  • Identifying critical data items
    • Business driven approach for identifying critical data items to put under governance and in the glossary
    • Bottom-up checking reviewing systems
  • Exercise: A scenario and the hidden requirements!

Setting guidelines and standards

  • 3rd party standards and conventions
  • 13 important guidelines for developing definitions within the business glossary
  • Exercise: Gotchas! Developing business glossary terms using standardized conventions and guidelines

Defining data and rules

  • Defining data and rules
    • How to set up domains and subdomains
    • How to discover critical data elements
    • How to inventory data elements within domain(s)
    • How to define data
  • How to document rules for data items
    • Rules guidelines and templates since business glossary by definition encompasses rules
  • Exercise: Defining data and rules for a data item
Day 2
Friday, June 7, Morning

Universal business glossary constructs

  • Re-using Universal Patterns (e.g., roles, categories, statuses, rules, transactions, etc.) to quickly develop business glossary
  • Re-using standard business data constructs ( to quickly develop the business glossary
  • Re-using standard industry data constructs (healthcare, insurance, telecommunications, manufacturing, etc.)
  • Exercise: Apply universal constructs to develop your business glossary

Approaches, techniques and tools for creating a common vocabulary

  • Using pictures, images, symbols, graphics, to gain consistent semantics
  • Thinking outside the box regarding possible ways to gain consistency and common semantics
  • Exercise: Using creative ways to develop common vocabulary and consistent semantics
Day 2
Friday, June 7, Afternoon

Managing data governance Issues within the business glossary

  • Identifying and managing issues that arise from business glossary
    • Types of business glossary  issues
    • Approaches to managing business glossary issues

Business glossary and human factors

  • Inevitable scenarios when we are attempting to get people to agree on consistent terms
  • Various frameworks and methods to effectively address human factors issues
  • Exercise: A puzzle, what is happening in this common scenario and what are possible solutions

Wrap up

  • Summary
  • How to apply the materials learned in this class to your organization

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