What Information is Required
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NOTE BEFORE YOU BEGIN: We recommend you copy your bio/abstract from a text editor (ex. Notepad, Wordpad) instead of directly from Word. The CFP form works best with plain text.

Speaker Presentation Conditions, Requirements and Benefits

You will be asked to agree to the "Copyright and Reproduction Terms" and to provide an unprotected PowerPoint file to us by May 11, 2018 (we request an unprotected file so we can produce the presentation in various formats for publication. However only copy-protected PDFs are ultimately distributed to conference attendees).

Speaker Information

  • You will also have the option of uploading a speaker portrait photograph (90 dpi or greater JPG file format preferred)
  • Speaker Biography (up to 150 words. Do not include a resume)

Session Information

Type of presentation proposed

  • Conference Sessions (45 minute duration)
  • Half day tutorials and full day workshops
  • Panel Sessions (45 minute)

Session title

Brief description (under 30 words)

Full description/abstract (150 word description and 4-5 bullet points)

Additional information about presentation (anything else you think is pertinent, including books, articles, publications, etc.)

Speaker biography (150 word limit. Do not include a resume)

Speaker portrait image

Audio Visual requirements (note that one wireless lavaliere microphone, data projector and screen will be provided as standard equipment)

Do you have the necessary financial and travel approvals from your company in order to attend and speak at the conference?

Have you given this presentation before? If yes, please explain when and where.

Audience Level

  • Introductory
  • Intermediate
  • Advanced

Identify the track(s) your session would best fit into

Identify the target audience

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