Post-Conference Tutorials - June 15, 2017

June 15
Registration and Continental Breakfast

June 15


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W1 - Integrating Data Governance and Data Quality in Agile/Lean Projects
Tami Flowers, Director, Governance Solutions, MetaGovernance Solutions, LLC

Implementing data governance and data quality cannot be accomplished overnight, nor all at once. By finding and creating stories using Agile/Lean methodologies, you can implement data governance and data quality in small, valuable increments within existing projects.

This session provides real-world examples, hands-on practice, how to’s and lessons learned for implementing data governance and data quality through stories. We will discuss the roles needed and best approaches for implementing data governance and data quality with existing projects. You’ll leave with knowledge, examples, and artifacts you can take back and use.

During this hands-on session you will learn:

  • How to discover and create stories using Agile/Lean.
  • How to size and prioritize stories so data governance and data quality can be implemented in a continuous yet sustainable fashion.
  • How to integrate data governance stories within existing projects.
  • How to integrate data quality stories within existing projects.
  • The roles and responsibilities needed to implement data governance and data quality.
  • Lessons learned and best practices for using Agile methodologies to implement data governance and data quality.
  • Examples and templates for data governance and data quality stories.

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Tami Flowers Tami Flowers
Director, Governance Solutions
MetaGovernance Solutions, LLC

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June 15


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W2 - Sustaining Data Governance and Adding Value for the Long Term
Kelle O’Neal, Founder and CEO, First San Francisco Partners

Data Governance is becoming a more mature and better understood practice that reduces risk and creates value across all industries. Many organizations have launched Data Governance Programs either to support technology initiatives like Master Data Management, or a Data Lake implementation, or to address compliance issues - such as Basel & LEI in the Financial Services industry, or The Sunshine Act & Unique Device Identification in the Health and Life Sciences sector. And many companies have even launched Data Governance more than once!

Part of the reason many companies launch a Data Governance program again and again is that over time, it is challenging to maintain the enthusiasm and excitement that accompanies a newly initiated program.

In this tutorial we will talk about the challenges of making Data Governance a "going concern" in your organization and how to sustain a program for the long term.

We will cover:

  • Typical obstacles to sustainable Data Governance
  • Re-energizing your program after a key player (or two) leave and other personnel challenges
  • Staying relevant to the company as the business evolves over time
  • Understanding the role of metrics and why they are critical
  • Leveraging Communication and Stakeholder Management practices to maintain commitment
  • Embedding Data Governance into the operations of the company
  • Current hot topics like governing the data lake, global privacy concerns and others

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Kelle O’Neal Kelle O’Neal
Founder and CEO
First San Francisco Partners

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June 15


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W3 - The Forgotten Side of Data Governance and Data Quality Dealing with Cultural and Change Management Issues
Len Silverston, President, Universal Data Models, LLC

This tutorial provides both technical and behavioral techniques that are critical to success in data governance and data quality.

We will cover important technical aspects of data governance, however, the course will focus on what is most important in data governance and data quality, namely, human factors, tools and techniques for the behavioral, cultural, and human aspects. 

Based upon extensive experience implementing data governance for decades, Len Silverston will share these techniques along with case studies and exercises

The tutorial will cover how to:

  • Develop a charter and gain buy in
  • Set up organizational structure, roles and responsibilities
  • Gather data governance requirements
  • Manage issues
  • Define data and rules
  • Develop and track metrics and measurements
  • Define solutions including new processes, standard operating procedures, and policies

For each of these areas, the course will share important techniques, tools, and frameworks for success which involved the human aspects of data governance, namely, how to:

  • Establish a clear, compelling, and common vision for data governance
  • Maintain sponsorship
  • Gain the trust of people involved
  • Effectively communicate including communications plans and execution
  • Gain true involvement and commitment
  • Exemplify Leadership
  • Effectively resolving conflict.

In addition to sharing practical tools and techniques, there will be fun and interactive exercises where participants can practice scenarios that commonly arise in data governance and apply the techniques, tools, and principles learned in this class.

Level of Audience

Len Silverston Len Silverston
Universal Data Models, LLC

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