DG Best Practice Award

DATAVERSITY, DebTech International, and TDAN.com are pleased to announce that submissions are now being accepted for the annual "Data Governance Best Practice Award."


  • Submissions are due by February 29, 2012. Only one nomination per organization
  • Submissions must be made in Microsoft Word (including any graphs or images).
  • All submissions become the property of DebTech International and DATAVERSITY and may be used in part or full for promotional and/or educational purposes.
  • We will honor specific confidentiality requests and refrain from making certain information public, however confidential information must be specifically identified and limited to no more than 20% of the overall submission.
  • The winning organization agrees to be the subject of an interview by Robert S. Seiner of TDAN.com, and to be published by TDAN.com.
  • A representative of the nominee organization must be available for a telephone interview with the judges, if necessary.
  • The winner will be announced in May 2012 and the award will be formally presented at the 2012 Annual Data Governance and Information Quality Conference in San Diego. The winner will be invited to present a case study of their data governance program and will receive 3 nights hotel stay at the conference hotel and economy airfare up to $1,000 USD from their hometown to San Diego.

Please send final submission as a Word document (may be zipped) via e-mail to Davida@debtechint.com. All finalists will be contacted to verify the accuracy of the entries.

Questions? Contact Davida Berger at DebTech International (561) 218-4752.


1. Nominee Information: Provide the full corporate name, address, telephone, email and Web address for the organization being nominated for the Best Practices Award entry. Make sure to include the Individual(s) at the nominee organization who is to be contacted regarding the nomination and/or submission (include name, title, telephone, e-mail). This should be the person who will respond to questions and be interviewed by the judges if chosen as a finalist. You may also provide an alternate contact if you wish.
2. Please provide a statement that acknowledges your acceptance of the Submission Conditions as outlined above.
Based on feedback from previous submitters and judges we have revised the submission requirements this year.  Submissions will be judged on their response to the eight items listed below.  We ask that submitters focus on quality, rather than quantity, responses to the information requested.  You may receive additional questions (regarding roles and responsibilities, decision making progress, use of strategic decision makers, …) as the judging panel works through the entries to narrow the field.  An interview with the judges may also be requested as the Award process draws to a close.
  • Describe the business requirements for Data Governance at your organization.
  • Describe the approach used to define, develop and deliver your Data Governance Program.
  • Describe the length of time the solution has been in place and the incremental steps taken.
  • Describe the scale of the solution (i.e. enterprise, business unit) and whether this will change.
  • Describe the overall business impact/benefits from Data Governance and return on objective.
  • Describe the measurable return on investment for your Program and how the measures are used.
  • Describe the population and breadth of business and technical community being served by the Program.
  • Describe theinnovative uses of the Data Governance Program and the problems that have been solved.

Please provide graphics, templates, forms, … other artifacts that will help us to review your Program.

To see the winning entry from the 2011 Award please click here.