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ASG Software Solutions www.asg.com

ASG is the industry leading provider of enterprise Metadata Management solutions. ASG-Rochade® is a powerful metadata repository that manages information about data and systems across the enterprise, uncovering complex relationships between information technology assets, facilitating what-if analysis, and increasing the productivity of business and IT. ASG-metaGlossary™ is a business glossary solution that provides a governed and contextually rationalized vocabulary between business and IT to help proactively address data governance and compliance mandates. Founded in 1986, ASG offers software solutions in the Metadata Management, Applications Management, Operations Management, Information Management, Performance Management, Infrastructure Management and Service Support areas. ASG provides these solutions to more than 85 percent of the world's largest companies, enabling them to reduce costs, improve business-service delivery, and reduce risks. With more than 90 offices worldwide, ASG is a privately held company based in Naples, Florida. Visit www.asg.com to learn more.



Informatica is the world’s number one independent leader in data integration software. Organizations around the world gain a competitive advantage in today’s global information economy with timely, relevant and trustworthy data for their top business imperatives whether using traditional IT computing systems or the internet cloud.



Kalido delivers industry-leading solutions for turning bad data into meaningful business information. Developed through years of successful best practice implementations, Kalido’s robust, business-model-driven information management engine governs data across the enterprise and automatically feeds information to industry standard BI platforms.

The Kalido Information Engine includes workflow-driven data governance capabilities that include support for harmonizing, storing and managing master data over time. By acting as a “data firewall” in front of bad data, Kalido increases the consistency and accuracy of information by enabling business people to collaboratively control and manage master data in a workflow-driven, Web-based environment.

Kalido software is implemented at over 250 locations in more than 100 countries with market leading companies.

DataFlux www.dataflux.com

DataFlux enables business agility and IT efficiency by providing innovative data management technology and services that transform data into a strategic asset. A wholly owned subsidiary of SAS (www.sas.com), DataFlux helps organizations manage critical aspects of data through unified technologies and expertise that provide the benefits of data quality, data integration and master data management. To learn more visit www.dataflux.com.



The CA ERwin® modeling family has been the name associated with data modeling for years. Today, we offer much more than just data modeling and we’ve expanded our offering to include data profiling, model validation, process modeling, ERP integration, metadata management, and model management. CA (NASDAQ: CA), the world's leading independent information technology (IT) management software company, provides software to unify and simplify the management of complex computing environments. Today, we are working with the majority of the Forbes Global 2000, as well as government organizations and thousands of companies in diverse industries worldwide to transform IT management.

Global IDs www.globalids.com

Global IDs, based in New York City, provides software and services that address the multiple facets of data stewardship program. We provide solutions that help organizations, manage the cost and complexity associated with large data environments (100+ databases). Our solutions help companies monetize their information assets, through a structured process of data discovery, data profiling, data quality, data integration, hierarchy management and data monitoring.


IBM® Optim is an enterprise data management solution that addresses critical business issues, such as data growth management, data privacy compliance, test data management, e-discovery, application upgrades, migrations and retirements. IBM Optim aligns application data management with business objectives to optimize performance, mitigate risks and control costs. IBM Optim delivers capabilities that scale across enterprise applications, databases and platforms. This solution works to help companies across industries worldwide maximize the business value of their applications and databases, giving then the power to manage enterprise application data through ever stage of the lifecycle.

Abyss Group Inc


Abyss Group Inc. is a boutique R&D firm specializing in Data Integration Products & Services. In a data-centric world, the company is focused on development of optimization strategies for data consolidation and data integration. It has developed a data integration framework ‘ETL Interface Architecture®’. The company is the first to launch a Business Rules Engine for Data Auditing: iCE Audit™. This product assures the integrity of data movement and quality in data transformations. (Audit, Checks & Controls, Compliance, Testing & Reconciliation).







PricewaterhouseCoopers' Information Management Solutions help enhance the value of knowledge assets and provide the tools to analyze and manage data and information to support timely, relevant and effective business decisions. Our EDM services help clients define, organize, design and safeguard their information assets throughout the life cycle (conception through acquisition, distribution and retirement). We provide assistance with data governance, data warehousing, master data management, data quality improvement, data security, data architecture and modeling, meta data management, data migration and conversion and data integration.

Trillium Software www.trilliumsoftware.com

Derive the most business value from any enterprise-level data quality or
data management initiative with a best-fit data governance practice led by
Trillium Software. Whether your company's strategy is built around MDM, CRM, enterprise data quality, or other data management platform, adopting a data governance strategy is mission-critical to achieve consistent and accurate results. A formalized data governance discipline is the linchpin that drives change management and orchestrates and oversees activities among lines of business, people, processes, and technologies to realize desired outcomes around data assets. Trillium Software leverages expertise and experience to optimize data quality strategies and develop comprehensive, affordable, proven, and highly successful data governance programs that fit any size organization in any industry.

Enterprise Data Journal www.enterprisedatajournal.com

Enterprise Data Journal is a new, bi-monthly publication focused on the intersection of data management and business strategy. Every issue of Enterprise Data Journal will bring you original articles, interviews, analysis, research, case studies, and multimedia content by leaders in the field. Our objective is to provide rapid insight into current trends and ideas, plus concise recommendations on the steps you can take to exploit these opportunities. 

The Data Administration Newletter www.tdan.com

The Data Administration Newsletter is an electronic newsletter that focuses on the exchange of ideas between individuals related to data administration. Every article focuses on tips, techniques, and strategies on how to manage corporate data as a valued asset.

The Meta-Data Professional Organization www.metadataprofessional.org

The Meta-Data Professional Organization (MPO) is a non-profit, international professional association comprised of business and IT professionals in all areas of meta-data practice. MPO provides a community that fosters discussion, advancement and increased understanding of meta-data as it is applied in the field. The MPO seeks to disseminate technical and professional information to meta-data practitioners of all levels of experience.

The Business Intelligence Network www.BeyeNETWORK.com

The BeyeNETWORK™ focuses on business intelligence, performance management, data warehousing, data integration and data quality, serving these communities with unparalleled industry coverage and resources. Content hosted by domain experts and industry leaders is delivered through articles, white papers, blogs, podcasts, research and more.  For the most up to date information in the industry, register for a free newsletter today!

The Insurance Data Management Association www.idma.org

The Insurance Data Management Association, Inc. (IDMA) is an independent, non-profit professional association that provides education seminars and forums, one-day classes, and a formal certification curriculum for individuals who want to further their career with training in Insurance Data Management ­ including Insurance Statistical Data, Financial Data, Data Administration and Warehousing, Systems and Project Management, Data Processing and Data Quality.

EDM Council www.edmcouncil.org

The EDM Council is an industry association specifically focused on facilitating and leveraging Enterprise data as a critical asset to a firm to;

  • increase efficiency,
  • minimize risk, and
  • create competitive advantage.

As a business forum the EDM Council enables senior officers responsible for content management to share information on the business strategies and practical implementation realities associated with achieving enterprise-wide control over data content.

Information Difference


The Information Difference is a boutique analyst firm specialising in data management, particularly master data management, data quality and data warehousing.  Its founders have deep practical experience running global data management projects.  We specialise in vendor evaluation and selection, and in return on investment analysis



DAMA, the Data Management Association International is a not-for-profit, vendor independent association of technical and business professionals dedicated to advancing the concepts and practices for data resource management and enterprise information. The primary purpose of DAMA International is to promote the understanding, development, and practice of managing data and information to support business strategies. DAMA International has chapters and members throughout the world.

Architecture and Governance Magazine www.architectureandgovernance.com

Architecture & Governance Magazine is an online community targeted at Enterprise Architects, Strategic Planners, Governance practitioners and IT Executives who are focused on the issue of driving business changes through Strategic IT Planning and Enterprise Architecture. A&G magazine features industry case studies, analyst reports, and best practices related to our industry. Please sign up to be part of our community, comment on the articles and receive complimentary monthly PDF issues electronically.

The Data Governance Institute


The Data Governance Institute is the premier provider of in-depth, vendor-neutral information about – and assistance with - tools, techniques, models, and best practices for the governance/stewardship of data and information. In addition to providing consulting and training services, the Institute publishes free informational resources such as www.DataGovernance.com, the internet’s largest Data Governance website, and www.Sox-Online.com, one of the oldest and largest Sarbanes-Oxley resources on the web.