Exhibitors and Sponsors

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DataFlux www.dataflux.com

DataFlux offers data quality integration technology and services that ensure a consistent, accurate and unified view of enterprise data. With DataFlux solutions, organizations can discover and manage data on customers, products or suppliers. A single-platform technology suite allows business and information technology users to analyze, improve and control any data. The result is a single, comprehensive view of mission-critical corporate information - accessible from any application and updated in real time.

Global IDs www.globalids.com

Global IDs, based in New York City, provides software and services that address the multiple facets of data stewardship program. We provide solutions that help organizations, manage the cost and complexity associated with large data environments (100+ databases). Our solutions help companies monetize their information assets, through a structured process of data discovery, data profiling, data quality, data integration, hierarchy management and data monitoring



Siperian MDM Hub™ is a complete, integrated software platform for master data management. Siperian helps companies create and present real-time unified views of their customers, products, suppliers and employees to business users from distributed data sources for higher profitability, reduced operational costs and improved compliance. For more information, visit us on the Web at or call 1-866-SIPERIAN (1-866-747-3742).



Adaptive is the industry leader in providing a web-based metadata repository which enables customers to manage metadata from the broadest set of sources including relational database schemas, data modeling tools, business intelligence products, and ETL tools. The Adaptive Metadata Manager integrates metadata from these sources to give users a full understanding of their end-to-end data lineage and provide traceability from business terms to logical and physical data elements. Adaptive’s customers are successfully using Metadata Manager to support their data governance initiatives by applying its automated model-driven workflows, role-based access control and collaboration capabilities.



IBM ® Optim is an enterprise data management solution that addresses critical business issues, such as data growth management, data privacy compliance, test data management, e-discovery, application upgrades, migrations and retirements. IBM Optim aligns application data management with business objectives to optimize performance, mitigate risks and control costs. IBM Optim delivers capabilities that scale across enterprise applications, databases and platforms. This solution works to help companies across industries worldwide maximize the business value of their applications and databases, giving then the power to manage enterprise application data through ever stage of the lifecycle.

Data Advantage Group


Data Advantage Group, Inc. is a leading provider of enterprise information asset management software. Data Advantage Group's award-winning MetaCenter® Platform enables organizations to easily research, locate, and catalog information assets and to bridge the gap between business and IT communities. The MetaCenter Platform is used by leading companies around the world to deliver easy to use web-based data governance and metadata management solutions.

Trillium Software


Harte-Hanks Trillium Software has been selected by companies worldwide to improve their operational and analytic business decisions through accurate and timely information. Trillium Software offers an integrated suite of Total Data Quality software and services architected to discover and correct today's data quality problems and establish a platform prepared for tomorrow's yet unknown data challenges. The Trillium Software System is recognized as critical to the success of CRM, MDM, CDI, data warehouse, BI, ERP, SCM, e-business, and other enterprise applications, and data integration, data migration, data stewardship, and data governance initiatives.

AMB www.predictivedatamanagement.com

AMB New Generation Data Empowerment
AMB-PDM, an innovation leader in Data Profiling/Quality and Management, providing complete data control without the need of a support team. New Generation Data Empowerment technology has the capability to source/read and process data from IBM DB2/UDB, IBM Z/OZ DB2, IBM AS400/DB2, Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, Teradata and Flat Files. AMB-PDM also provides Service Oriented Architecture offerings (SOA), which includes Real-Time Golden Record Master Data Management (MDM) Discovery and Outlier Discovery for Fraud and Statistical Accuracy.

Data Strategy Journal www.datastrategyjournal.com

Data Strategy Journal (DSJ) is a new, bi-monthly publication focused on the intersection of data management and business strategy. Every issue of DSJ will bring you original articles, interviews, analysis, research, case studies, and multimedia content by leaders in the field. Our objective is to provide rapid insight into current trends and ideas, plus concise recommendations on the steps you can take to exploit these opportunities.

The Insurance Data Management Association www.idma.org

The Insurance Data Management Association, Inc. (IDMA) is an independent, non-profit professional association that provides education seminars and forums, one-day classes, and a formal certification curriculum for individuals who want to further their career with training in Insurance Data Management ­ including Insurance Statistical Data, Financial Data, Data Administration and Warehousing, Systems and Project Management, Data Processing and Data Quality

The Data Administration Newletter www.tdan.com

The Data Administration Newsletter is an electronic newsletter that focuses on the exchange of ideas between individuals related to data administration. Every article focuses on tips, techniques, and strategies on how to manage corporate data as a valued asset.

The Meta-Data Professional Organization www.metadataprofessional.org

The Meta-Data Professional Organization (MPO) is a non-profit, international professional association comprised of business and IT professionals in all areas of meta-data practice. MPO provides a community that fosters discussion, advancement and increased understanding of meta-data as it is applied in the field. The MPO seeks to disseminate technical and professional information to meta-data practitioners of all levels of experience.

DAMA International www.dama.org

DAMA International is a not-for-profit, vendor- independent association of technical and business professionals dedicated to advancing the concepts and practices of information resource management (IRM) and data resource management (DRM). DAMA International's primary purpose is to promote the understanding, development and practice of managing information and data as a key enterprise asset.

The Business Intelligence Network www.BeyeNETWORK.com

The Business Intelligence Network focuses on business intelligence, performance management, data warehousing, data integration and data quality, serving these communities with unparalleled industry coverage and resources. The Business Intelligence Network delivers content hosted by domain experts and industry leaders as well as vertical horizontal solution coverage from the most respected thought leaders. For more information, visit www.BeyeNETWORK.com/global.